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We are recruiting an exciting opportunity for a Design and Specification Manager to join a specialist automotive sports car business in the Warwickshire area : 


Design and Specification Manager


£55,000 - £60,000


  • Manages and inspires clientele throughout their design and specification journey

  • Engages with clients as necessary, sharing updates and decision-based deadlines; documents and shares all interactions internally and in a timely manner

  • Provides high-quality, technical and/or nontechnical education and training to clients and other contacts on topics such as: brand history/values, customer experience, current/future technology, performance, application, and overall benefits

  • Supports the development of a proper communication process, protocol, and tools for future scalability, including Client Portal, gifting process, 3C strategy, and Special Projects

  • Develops and manages all structures, templates, and processes for design and specification-based (internal/external) interaction to successfully measure KPIs for client inspiration programs and initiatives

  • Supports strategic decision making based on customer insights

  • Works in a cross-functional team environment as a strong team player and demonstrates the ability to work with other functional groups to achieve company-wide goals

  • Elevates the brand and ensure every point of contact is an excellent experience

  • Reports to the department head regarding objectives, planned activities, reviews, analysis, budgets, and expenses - 100% data accuracy required

  • Performs all other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor's degree in business administration, engineering, design, or relevant field

  • Five (5) plus years of experience within the luxury automotive industry or equivalent brand/industry

  • Five (5) plus years in design and other creative based roles

  • Three (3) to five (5) years of specific experience in client management and/or customer facing role

  • Prior experience in a rapidly growing business environment

  • Detailed knowledge of the company history, heritage, and services (preferred)


  • Team-oriented, with a strong ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment and meet multiple deadlines

  • Strong organizational, problem-solving, and collaborative skills with the ability to prioritize effectively and efficiently within and across departments

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office, including Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Teams and more; as well as various digital illustration, editing, and design-based programs and tools

  • Professional appearance, excellent verbal, and written communication skills with the ability to express ideas clearly and actively listen to others

  • Ability to work independently and from home

This job description is not exhaustive, and the job holder will be required to carry out from time to time tasks in addition to the above that will be both reasonable and within their capabilities. 

Reference ID: 576934


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